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Bizarro Book Club: Ginger Pye

Well kids, its been a while, but BIZARRO BOOK CLUB IS BACK!! Here's what went down last time. If you're new to the blog and haven't seen a bizarro post, here are the logistics:
  • We came up with a set of questions that will allow us to discuss the book without really giving anything away for those of you who haven't read it.
  • We both answer each question and we think of our answers beforehand so as not to be influenced by the other person's ideas.
  • We do have a chance for rebuttal or additional commentary after we've read what the other person wrote.
  • If you've read the book and you want to weigh in with your own answers, reactions to ours, etc. we'd love that! Surely one of these days we'll read a book that one of you have also read.
This time we read Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes.  Also we have a special addition today, Lilac read this book for school last year.  She helped us think up the questions and she's going to join in on answering too!!

#1- If two books had a baby and the result was this book, who would it's parents be?
Whit: Hmmm, I think I'll say Charlotte's Web because of the whole childhood animal connection and then a Nancy Drew book because of the whole mystery solving 'unsavory character' stuff.  It's really not like either of those kind of books though...this is a bad answer.

Lilac: Yes, those are good ones. I don't know maybe the Moffats because it has the same characters.

Robyn: So, I thought of Nancy Drew as well (because of the mystery) my other choice is the Dick and Jane easy readers.  Because of the time period and because Ginger Pye was really simple (the book, not the dog).  Oh, and there's a dog in those Dick and Jane books too.

Whit: Yes, Dick and Jane makes's very matter of fact: they did this, they did that. etc.

Lilac: I'd agree with you guys on that one...even though I don't know what Dick and Jane books are (laughing, after saying this.)

#2- Jerry earns the money for Ginger by doing a chore for a neighbor boy.  What chore would you be willing to do if it meant you could get the pet of your dreams?
Whit: Well right now I don't really want a pet, so this is kind of a tricky question (also, I already do all the lame and yucky chores.) But, if I were a kid, I think the worst chore in my mind was probably cleaning the I guess I would have agreed to do that for like a month...that would have been bad, but hopefully worth it.

Lilac: Clean the garage. (Why did you say clean the garage?) I don't know it just seems like an easy job that  I could do to get a pet. And the pet I would pick is either a cow or a duck, but I think I would pick a cow.

Robyn: As a kid I would have just brought the new pet home without really asking before hand.  I say that because that's what I used to do.  Horrible horrible child.  (It was always kittens for me, I have a really hard time saying no to a kitten... I would have NO trouble saying no to a cow.  Lilac, why in the world do you want a cow?)


Whit: We're stil not getting a cow.  Also did you know they stink?

Robyn: Awe, come on Lilac... I am nice! But, I do say what I think. And I think a cow would make a terrible pet! (hehehe)

Lilac: Ok, but I still want a cow. (Followed by giant puppy dog eyes.)

#3- Ginger Pye is known for being an exceptionally smart dog. If you had a pet as smart as Ginger what trick would you teach it?
Whit: Any trick? How about doing the laundry?  That would be one exceptional dog! I bet I could teach a dog to bring the laundry basket to the washer at least-- I might have to try that.

Lilac: Yes!! Then I wouldn't have to do any chores, the dog could do them! For my pet, if it was a duck I would teach it how to jump rope and if it was a cow I would teach it how to go on it's hind legs like this. (Insert visual of Lilac squatting on the floor then lifting her arms up high in the air while mooing loudly.)

Whit: We're not getting a cow!

Lilac: Awwwww! Why not?

Robyn: Still with the cow?  hmmmm.  I would teach my pet...  who are we kidding.  I have no skills in animal training.  I can't even teach my children to pick up after themselves.

Whit: All the more reason to teach the pet to pick up!

Robyn:  Maybe I should try it, though I have cats and from my experience cats are not willing to do anything for anyone.  But I would like to say if Lilac gets a cow it will already know how to do the trick of making pies.... COW PIES!  (Cows really do stink bad.)

Lilac: Ha...ha...ha. Very funny.

Whit: Yes, actually, that was very funny!!

#4- Rate this book on a scale of 1 to 10, one being a can of wet dog food and 10 being a triple scoop ice cream cone.
Whit: Hmmm, this was a little slow for me, but I do think it was a good depiction of how kids think and sort of build up a mystery in their minds.  I'm gonna say like a 5?

Lilac: Oh no, I'm not good at this one. I said 4 because I don't like it a ton, it's like almost in the middle but not too much.

Robyn: It took me over 2 months to read this book.  It was really really really hard for me to get through.  I give it a 3.

Lilac: It's not the best book ever, but I like the mysterious parts.

Whit: Well not every book can be the best book ever you two! Anyway, it's a throwback to simpler times...slower simpler times...yep.

And there you have it! Have any of you read Ginger Pye?  What do you think of our answers?  Do tell!  It did win the Newberry medal in I'm gonna go ahead and say it's a classic!

Also any comments on why we should or should not own a cow are welcome as well (though I have no intention of telling Lilac about the pro-cow owning comments.)

Now then, I'm pretty excited to announce our next  bizarro book! It's Mr.Underneath By Randy Briley!! Remember I talked about him on Tuesday? Or, if you don't trust me, Melissa from Julia's Bookbag is talking about him today!

Anyway, In Mr. Underneath, Briley is gonna show his spooky side.  I read this description, "It was a refreshing escape from vampires, werewolves, and dystopian societies." That will be a nice change, won't it?

You can get paperbacks on CreateSpace and both kindle and paperback versions on Amazon.  We'll be back with our Q&A for it on October 1st.

Until then, here's to not owning a cow! 
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