Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Birdie the Girl" Books

Do you remember our great big three year old girls' birthday post?  Well, in that post I mentioned that I thought Cuteness would love to get her hands on the Birdie Books by Sujean Rim.

I've had them on my mental library list since then, but never came across them, until... 2 weeks ago at the school library! It was seriously like finding hidden treasure and that I knew was going to fill my child with glee! I was so excited!!

 I adore these books! They just put a smile on my face-- and my kiddo's face too!! (She calls them the 'birdie the girl' books-- not to be confused with books about actual birdies.) 

The stories are simple, fun & filled with glamour and dress ups!  It's like high fashion for preschoolers!  And while I am admittedly one giant fashion faux pas, I cannot get enough these books!

I love all the bright watercolors with a sort of geometric, couture vibe!! Aren't they FANTASTIC?  We checked out Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes and Birdie's Big-Girl Dress both of which we will be buying in the very very near future because we cannot renew them again. (Shoes is $6.40 on Amazon right now!!)

And! I'm very excited that a new Birdie book is coming out in February!! Plus, I have of course been on the look out for the board book. I totally wanted to get it for a 2 year old we were birthdaying with last weekend-- but the book could not be found in my town!!! Curses!! (Perhaps I should stock up?)

 Happy reading everyone!

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