Thursday, August 8, 2013

4 is more difficult than 3

All my life I've heard this myth that the transition to three children is the most difficult.  After three it's all just more of the same.  Well, guess what?  Four is harder than three.  Four is kicking my butt in a way # three never did.  Four children = one crazy, scatterbrained, exhausted, mother.  I recognize I'm just one month into it.  Because of this, I'm hopeful I'll be able to have a coherent conversation at some point in the future.  So far, any person whose spoken to me can attest that right now I make little to no sense when speaking.

Oh, and that picture up there^^^ that's all of my children 'acting' like babies.  Just what I need.  ;)

This picture is #4 'Logo'.  And if you're wondering, he's not the one making things difficult around here.  He's sweet, wonderful, mellow.  He's the BEST!  And that quilt... isn't it GORGEOUS???  It was a gift!  When I opened that package in the mail I cried because it was so thoughtful and beautiful.  You can see more of this beautiful quilt here.  (thank you!!!)
And this book?  It was a gift from a certain blog partner.  You should hear Kitten read it.  She does the most delightful rendition.  I'm pretty sure Everywhere Babies is one of the very best baby books ever.  And I'd never read it before!
Oh and this picture?  It's the reason I'm not getting anything done (including blogging) and it's the only thing I really want to be doing.
Here's the first day I met little Logo.  He's already changed a ton.

Let's see... exhaustion, insanity, absence... yep.  I think that covers it for today.
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