Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why my pin boards are organized but my house is messy...

The other day when I was cleaning the kitchen counter for the third time in a row, I started the think: "Man I've put this same stuff away a lot lately!"  Does that happen at your house?  No matter how many times you put something away, it some how ends up out again. The more clothes you wash the more there are in the hamper....it's a vicious cycle.

Now think about your pin boards. They never need tidying.  If you see something you want to pin, you just put it on it's own little categorically correct board and there it stays.  It never moves. It doesn't go out of place.  It just waits in it's little spot for you to come back and try it out, or even delete it. Nice and orderly.  Just how you want it.  It's refreshing really.

I'm not saying I want my life to be like pinterest. (Though if it were, I'd be much skinnier--from doing  super amazing at home circuits-- and better dressed in something I sewed from old clothes and I'd be eating tastier food on my DIY'd table.)  It's just nice to know that amidst the constant picking and re-picking up of things I do actually have a space somewhere that is neat and tidy all the time...even if it is virtual.

Happy pinning!
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PS- I know not everyone pins like me. Some people have like three boards with 400 pins each.  No thank you! If I'm going for the 'needle in the haystack' feeling, I can get it by trying to find a doll shoe at the bottom of the (once organized) toy boxes.

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