Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Welcome to Great Outdoors Week!!

Yes, that's right! Great outdoors week on PP&PB-- I know, strange right?  Let me begin by saying that if you reached this post because you were google searching extreme expeditions or survival skills, I'm afraid this is not the place for you. Sorry, thanks for stopping by though.

Everyone else, this week I'm gonna give you an very mild version of outdoors adventures, starting today with our take on camping out!  It happens basically only once a year and the great outdoors is the backyard.

Here's a peek...

First, there is the adventure of setting up the tent while children (and dogs) are running over the top of it repeatedly.  Then the kids try to convince us to let them bring EVERY SINGLE ITEM they own into the tent.  We settled on 6 stuffed animals (that's more stuffed animals than people) and somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 blankets.   (Are you beginning to see why we just use the yard and not actual nature?)

The tent is like serious excitement!  It really does not promote restfulness or calm, peaceful sleeping in anyway.

Instead, the kids think it is some sort of bouncy house made for rolling, jumping, and wrestling in...I felt like one of the balls in the ball pit at playland--you never knew when someone's knee might unexpected end up in your face...lovely.

I suppose I should say that I have actually camped before (occasionally not with the best attitude) and will again (not guaranteeing a good attitude in the future either) and my kids will too...but for now this is just about the perfect pace for us.

Hey, since this is a book blog and all, how 'bout few camping books we like...

Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer
Maisy Goes Camping by Lucy Cousins
Curious George Goes Camping by Margaret & H.A. Rey

Happy camping out everyone!
Stay tuned because coming up next we have fabulous foil food!! 
(You know you're excited.)
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