Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The baby has arrived!!!

Hello everyone! Whitney here. I was planning to post some of my usual semi-book related randomness.  But, we have big news today so I will spare you from reading about my hankering to find coconut syrup (so I can make this.)

 You'd much rather hear that...


Yes, baby has arrived!! So exciting!! I was in touch with Robyn this morning and everyone is doing well--what?  What was that?  You want to know if she had a boy or a girl?  Oh, really? Interesting...  

Well, she didn't tell me. 


Actually, she told me but I thought it would be fun to do a little children's lit reveal.  So, here you go! The baby is the same gender as the baby featured in this book.

Do you know now?  If not, here's a link for more info on the book...that should help.  (Yes, I'm enjoying this just a touch. Sorry!)

Now you know for sure, right? Hooray!  I'm pretty darn excited! Aren't you? New babies are the best!!  

Happy reading!
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PS- Sorry if you've been waiting in agony! Apparently after I published this I put it back into draft form...OOPS!! Being computer savvy would be so handy sometimes...(sigh.)

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