Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Now we're cookin' with FOIL...

Hey there, outdoor week continues today with some fabulous outdoor food ideas. We're talking about foil baby!  Yes, cooking with basically rocks!

If you're wondering if I've just totally gone off the deep end since Robyn had the baby...that may be true, but here's the deal: Melissa was featuring camping books last week including one that apparently made foil dinners sound like some atrocious soupy goo--WHICH THEY ARE NOT!!!  So, clearly I had to take matters into my own hands.

Thus began foil food quest 2013...really, it's been an event around here.  I should have bought stock in Reynolds Wrap before I began because, me oh my, have we been cooking with foil.

First things first, I got myself a 'secret pin board' dedicated to foil meals.  You know, I totally thought those 'secret pin boards' were ridiculous when they came up with them.. but aha! I've been pinning foil stuff for a week and no one knew (yes probably no one cared to know in all reality, but still I was being all stealthy about the foil...I could be a spy!)

Before I show you food from the foil fest, here's a quick preface: All this stuff could be cooked on a campfire/over coals, on a grill, or right in your oven-- you wouldn't even have to go out the door to enjoy the food from the 'great outdoors.' (Call me Alanis Morissette because that's pretty darn ironic, don't you think?) Anyway...

We ate a modification of this recipe.  I did half the loaf turkey and cheese and the other half more like a pizza with salami, pepperoni and cheese.  This foil delight went on the grill for like 10 maybe 15 minutes...rotating often. (We added sauce and fixins' to the individual sandwiches as we ate them.) 
These were a huge hit, 5 out of 5 family members ate them and said they would do so again, which rarely happens with a meal in our house. (Sad, I know.) So these babies will be back on the menu soon.

Of course we also had...
We made WAY too much food on foil dinner night (I probably could have fed everyone who will ever read this post) luckily we had a couple people over.  They actually knew we were having foil dinners beforehand and they wanted to come.

Also, here is the most hilarious and candid foil dinner how-to ever.  (We actually followed his suggestion on the cooking time, which seemed about right in our little yard fire pit.)  Oh, we also tried adding sweet potatoes-- Cuteness devoured them. And, I made a couple all veggie packs, which I don't have a picture of for some reason. They were tasty the next day too!   

Finally, as requested by Melissa, dessert cooked in foil!

Lilac helped make our variation of these, and really all the foil recipes we made would be great for kid chefs to help prepare. We cooked our cakes on the grill. (More than one night, because we still had pound cake left.) 

Just for the record, brown sugar+butter+pound cake= happiness!! 

I screwed up and didn't get cherries for the center, I guess I'll have to make them again. Oh, also I got smart and sprayed the foil with cooking spray when we had them the second time around, that way the sweet stuff stuck to the cake and not the foil. 

So, that's just a glimpse into the world of foil food.  If you'd like to see more, it's your lucky day because I am officially revealing my secret pin board! It's called Foil Dinners Yo! (Calm yourselves, calm yourselves...don't all rush to pinterst at once.)

Also, though I couldn't get me hands on a copy, Fix It In Foil (a cookbook) is available. And, I just happened upon a free kindle book, Camping Recipes: Foil Packet Cooking! I think I might have to get it! (Hmmm, it's an ebook for cooking in nature...where you presumably would not take your kindle...but since the farthest I go is the backyard, I should be good.)  

Seriously though, I will actually be cooking in foil more because there is so much deliciousness still to be tried! (Especially the desserts!!)  Plus, I loved keeping the oven off in July, but still having something hot and tasty that wasn't the same old grilled chicken we tend to repeat.  I hope you don't think I'm totally crazy! I promise to talk about books and activities again soon!
In a foil frenzy, 
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PS- If you're wondering, I did clear the foil food idea with Robyn and she assured me that she too would be in the PRO foil dinners corner.  She calls them hobo packets and said they're one of her favorites. So, I haven't gone totally rogue.

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