Thursday, July 11, 2013

King Solomon and the Bee...and can one visit the library too often?

So, yesterday was a double dose of library visits for my kiddos and me.  First we hit the school library (which is open just one day a week in the summer) and immediately after we hit the public library branch in town.

That seems a bit extreme...even to a book addict like me...but it probably won't the last time it happens. (Just saying...)

Anyway, because I knew we were going to both libraries I was trying to get the kids to be more selective than normal and not just pick every single book they thought they might want to read...we've done that ALOT of times. (And honestly it's a waste because we can never get through all of them-- besides the fact that I can barely carry the bag to the car on those days.)

Yesterday we actually ended up leaving the big branch with only 12 books-- that's a record for us!  Here's thing though, Lilac has started this new tradition where, on the ride home, she looks at the library receipt and says who chose each book.  So yesterday, she's reading the list all confused and quizzical. As she reads nearly every title she's like, "Who got ______??" (In the blank just insert the title of a book I--the one who said to be conservative--snuck into the bag!)

So then I had to fess up (a lot of times) and say I picked all those books...when I had picked the most at the school library.

I know, I know-- actions speak louder than words.  Also, apparently I need to stop letting her hold the receipt in the car!

But! If I wouldn't have done that sneaking in the bag, then I wouldn't have gotten King Solomon and the Bee...

You may remember we have a bit of a Ruth Heller fascination around here. So, I was really excited to see something from her that I hadn't read before.

The story of King Solomon and the Bee is a Jewish legend. This version has been adapted by Dalia Hardof Renberg and has a similar feel to the fable The Lion & the Mouse.

Of course Ruth Heller's bold and vivid art is what caught my attention at the library. I especially love her illustrations of the plants and insects. So lovely!

And who doesn't love it when the little guy ends up a hero!  It's the perfect storyline for children...and probably one that we bigger folks need to remember more often.

Happy reading!
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PS- I have noticed that Jerry Pinkney version of The Lion and the Mouse (that I linked to) a couple of different times at the library. I think next week it just might end up sneaking into the bag. Don't tell Lilac!

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