Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fancy Nancy in the great outdoors!

I love Fancy Nancy!  She really is one of my favorites with her frills and sparkles and big words and her good intentions often gone awry. She's superb!  And actually, I thought it'd be fun to let her in on the Great Outdoors Week posts! Because really, Fancy Nancy's level of 'wilderness conquerer' is just about perfect for my kiddos.
I mean she gets outside, she explores and learns things, but she's not trying to be the next Bear Grylls or anything.  (And of course, she does it all while looking like a princess-- which is high on the priority list of 2 little ladies in this house.)
The first outdoor Fancy Nancy book we found is Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire!  This one is fun because it's sort of like a little field journal with photographs and actual facts giving it a nonfiction side, but then it's got the Nancy flare included too.
One of my favorite parts of this book is that she lists rules for being an explorer extraordinaire, including one I made sure to read REALLY loudly to the kids.

RULE #4 Crying is not allowed 
(unless there is a very good reason)

I wish she would have said whining is not allowed...ever! I should have read it that way instead! (I might next time!!)

The other book we found is one of the I Can Read style Fancy Nancy books. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about my favorite characters turning into the mass market, I Can Read type books, but I think the Fancy Nancy ones are well done and stay true to the integrity of the original books and characters. (How was that for a soapbox?! Sorry!!) 

Anyway, in Fancy Nancy: Poison Ivy Expert, Nancy obviously experiences a bit of a foliage mishap.
This one also has a few basic facts about poison ivy mixed in with the fancy stuff.  Rainy, my 5 year old, was really into this book for some reason and she asked all about poison ivy. (I'm hoping because she wants to avoid it and not  because she wants to do anything mischievous!)
As usual things work out for Nancy in the end and she lives happily and fancily ever after!  Here's hoping we all do! (Without having to experience poison ivy first of course!)
Happy reading!   
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PS- I just stumbled upon a post from Melissa about Fancy Nancy: Stellar Stargazer! Apparently it has more fanciness combined with facts!  We may need it for our next backyard camp out!

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