Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Boredom Busters

Anyone else been hearing, "I'm Bored Mom", or "What can I do Mom" or "I'm Hungry Mom" (which translates into the first two phrases about 90 percent of the time).  It's summer vacation and my kids suddenly have NO IDEA what to do with themselves.  Thing is, they have some strange idea that I should be a constant party planner.  I'm not getting paid enough for that folks.
I DO NOT like hearing those phrases OVER AND OVER AND OVER again though.  And the kids don't like my usual responses of "go outside", "read a book", or "clean up the mess you just made".  So, I created a tin can filled with popsicle sticks.  Super fancy.  Now every time any of the kids start teasing me about what they can do I pull out the can.  The rules are simple: #1 close your eyes to pick & #2 if you don't want to do what you picked go up to your room and have a ten minute break.  Either way it equals me not getting teased for a little while.  As you can see the can is filled with fun stuff and chores, because of this my 7 year old has quickly learned not to say anything at all to me about boredom, because he doesn't want to be stuck having to do extra work.  :)  My 3 year old on the other hand LOVES the can and thinks its a great game to pick things out of it.  The 5 year old is somewhere in between the other two.

It's been helpful to us this summer, maybe some version of this could work for you too!

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