Thursday, July 25, 2013

Books about going potty...

We're trying to get on the potty train at our house.  For some reason this time seems harder than before--  honestly, do you want to know what I think is really going on? I think all the times were probably just as hard but I can't remember because the others were too long ago.

Anyway, I thought I would get my little lady in the mood with a whole bunch of books about going potty. In fact, I saw a list from Erica at What Do We Do All Day filled with books all about poop. That seemed like a great place to start. But, when I went searching my library for poop books every single one was checked out. I was kind of shocked, actually--who knew poop was such a popular topic? (I mean for literature, not for playground talk.) I did find plenty of potty books though. Here are the ones we've enjoyed...

This one was the favorite at our house, I don't know if it because it stars a princess, or if it's because the princess doesn't use the potty 'til she's good and ready. There seems to be a boy version too, where the prince gets a puppy?
The Princess and the Potty by Wendy Cheyette Lewison 

These two are more fun and silly books starring animals, mostly.  They are cute and light and good for kiddos just first thinking about using the potty.
Potty! by Mylo Freeman
No More Diapers for Ducky! by Bernette Ford and Sam Williams

These both have photo illustrations of actual boys and girls growing from infancy and learning to be more independent, etc. I think seeing the real kids made going potty seem more concrete to my kiddo.
Going to the Potty by Fred Rogers
Your New Potty by Joanna Cole

These are just general sort of kid learning to potty, having accidents and then figuring it out kind of books, which obviously have gender specific versions. 
The Potty Book by Allison Satin Capucilli, one for boys, one for girls.
My Big Girl Potty or My Big Boy Potty by Joanna Cole
Once Upon a Potty by Alona Frankel  for a girl or for a boy.

My daughter loves the potty books and wants to read them over and over-- even on days when she isn't sure if she wants to use the potty. In fact, she won't let me take them back to the library. Of course there are many many more potty books.  If your kiddo is on the fence, I think books are a good way to bring up the issue without forcing them to commit to anything. 

Good luck getting on the potty train!
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PS- All of these books have different words for 'pee' and 'poo.'  My 9 year old had the pleasure of being one of the potty book readers and she was a bit surprised by that.  Also, she was worried that some of the books showed drawings of poop and accidents (oh my!) None of that phased my 3 year old in the least, if you're wondering.  

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