Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Well, we had a little excitement yesterday in the department store restroom. (I don't know about you, but if there is one place I try extremely hard to avoid excitement, it would definitely be a public restroom.)  Luckily the excitement wasn't of a potty nature, OR of a dropping something on the floor of the public restroom nature (another avoid at all costs scenario).  Instead, it was of a toothy nature.

Lilac lost her tooth! Oh, that is to say, her tooth fell out-- right into her mouth.

Lilac is still way WAY into the tooth fairy stuff!  So, as soon as the tooth was out she began plotting.  Here's a look at some of what went down, starting with a note for the tooth fairy...

Then, the excitement of where to put the tooth. I bet you didn't know that if you leave it in a glass of water, when the tooth fairy jumps in the glass to get the tooth her dress will dye the water a bit. We heard about this from a friend and guess what? 

 It's true! We've done it like every time! 

Because of the swimming, the tooth fairy mentioned needing a towel in her reply once so now Lilac always includes one...

I'm also a fan of this adorable drawing...

And, you might like to know that every time Lilac has written a note, the tooth fairy has written back.  In fact this time she even told Lilac her name!

 Super exciting right?  I mean this is something children have undoubtedly been wondering for generations, if only there was some website where you could find out your child's fairy name, that would be fantastic, wouldn't it?!? You could just type in tooth fairy and up would pop her name!!

Of course, you have to be careful, because after the tooth fairy tells her name, you might discover another website answering like EVER QUESTION EVER ASKED about the tooth fairy

How handy is that?!?! (Not too handy if she's been providing different information in her notes to your kid...oh man! Well, she is the tooth fairy, not the truth fairy, after all.)

Back to Lilac's excitement! Here's the money the fairy left this time. Lilac was hoping for 2 fifty cent pieces or maybe 100 pennies, I'm not sure...she said the tooth fairy would know what to she wanted...

I think the tooth fairy was hoping a creative display would be enough. (I'm starting to wonder if, without realizing it, she got a little too clever with the coins---how's she gonna top that next time?)

All I can say is the tooth fairy better pace herself, there are two more little girls in this house with mouths full of teeth to lose, but I'm sure she's TOOTH tired to think about that now!
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PS- If you want to read more about the tooth fairy here's a list of books we like.

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