Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We've Gone Cootie Catcher Crazy!!

Did you make cootie catchers when you were a kid?  (We called them fly catchers.)  They're those folded paper fortune teller sort of thingies that used to be super fun!

Well guess what, they're still around and better than ever!! Lilac got this awesome  Cootie Catcher Book  for her birthday and last week she pulled it out!  I am not kidding when I say this was the main form of entertainment for the WHOLE week!
She has become OBSESSED with this things! I mean she carries them around with her, she built a house for them in the backyard, she even sleeps with them. Seriously, cuckoo-cuckoo for cootie catchers!!
As you can see above, the ones in the book are pretty cool. There are like one hundred different types: fairy tale themed, sport themed, food themed, animal themed, magic 8 ball-ish,  and even blank ones with stickers included to create your own!

And, apparently cootie catcher-itis in contagious because now all the girls are in love with them! Lilac wouldn't share the ones from her book (of course!) so I used old calendar pages to make some for Cuteness...

She especially likes the tiny ones for Minnie!! And she needed that gigantic box to carry them all (and she needed to run away when I tried to take the picture, stinker!) Hers don't have words or numbers, just the pretty calendar prints, but she is 100% happy with them.

Which brings us to girl number 3, Rainy. She wanted to get in on the cootie catcher action too...
We made hers on white copy paper and I planned it so they'd be a bit of a reading game too (with simple words on the outside folds that she could sound out each time she plays with someone.)

She and I worked together on what to draw for the fortunes, we just chose simple pictures of good and bad things to 'get.' Rainy by far prefers when people land on the mean ones, like the scary dinosaur or the diaper you see above. She is constantly trying to persuade people to pick 8 so they'll end up getting the diaper! It cracks her up!!

As you probably know, I am not a star at writing tutorials but if you haven't made cootie catchers before here's a link.

Also I discovered that there are more pre-printed cootie catcher books out there.  We might get this American Girl one next and maybe I'll keep these valentine ones in mind for next year.

Of course, you can have fantastic fun with homemade ones too--just watch out if you play with Rainy!
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