Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Marla Frazee draws...BABIES!!

Hey everyone, hows your summer so far? With the impending arrival of Robyn's little bundle, we thought we'd spend some time on babies here on the blog.

I'm starting off with books drawn by Marla Frazee, who I think I can safely say is probably my favorite female illustrator...probably. (I really hate to be too definitive about that kind of thing, plus I'm so bad at picking one favorite...but I absolutely love her work!)

She done a lot of different books that focus on babies. Here are a few that I think are just delightful...

Written by singer Woody Guthrie, New Baby Train definitely has a folksy feel. In this book a little boy is telling (what I assume to be) his siblings that new babies come to families after they've ridden on the new baby train. The art in this one is just so fun-- babies as travelers and train passengers, it's really clever!

I have the board book version of Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers.  It's sweet and rhymy and chuck full of darling Marla Frazee illustrations of  lots of different babies doing all sorts of things!  It is SO cute!!

Hush, Little Baby is simply the lyrics of the classic lullaby accompanied by Marla Frazee art. I love seeing different authors and artists take on classic songs and stories.  This one is just darling! It seems to be only available as a board book now, though the copy I got from the library is a hardcover. I'd really like a copy of my own!

Happy reading!
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