Thursday, June 20, 2013

Book Inspired Baby Names

As you know, the arrival of Robyn's little one is just around the corner!  Yay!!  But, it turns out Robyn's hubby is less than helpful when it comes to deciding on baby names.  (Sorry Trapper!)

Apparently his top choice is LAMP!! Yikes!  So I thought it might be fun to suggest some book inspired baby names and because Robyn doesn't know the gender of her baby yet, I've got both boy and girl names on the list.

Yes, I said MO!  We all know Robyn can't resist Mo Willems, but Moe also happens to be the name of a lead character in one of her favorite series-- so that makes this a great pick for mo' than one reason! (Haha!) PLUS have you seen this most adorable Mo Willems fabric?? How cute would this be in a nursery? Thanks Michelle for telling us about it!!

Liza Lou is the title character in a Mercer Mayer book...Robyn's favorite author!  And I know she adores this book because she blogged about it right here!  How about welcoming a little Liza to the family?
Of course this one comes from the Kevin Henkes character, a cute little blankie loving mouse.  I think it  could be a cute name for a baby boy and if he ends up loving his blankie like one of his brothers, thats alright too!

Don't you think Jan Brett's Annie looks like she could be Kitten's blond haired sister?  If not, then how about naming the baby for Anna from the sweet and sentimental story of The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco.

Robyn has mentioned many times that David is an all time favorite character in her household. I don't know though, perhaps having a little David running around could be scary!

From one of the best loved duos in children's lit, Ruby would be a lovely name for a new little lady. I'm sure Snoopy or Bibs would be more than willing to make Max-like mischief for her.

This is from another of Robyn's favorite authors, Oliver Jeffers!  I'm fairly certain she's never come across an Oliver Jeffers book she didn't absolutely love!

Kira is the heroine in the Lois Lowry book Gathering Blue.  I know Robyn enjoyed this book, and Kira is a great character, but mostly I just think Kitten and Kira would be a cute combination, don't you?

That's it for my list of ideas.  Do any of you have some book inspired names to share? Do tell.
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