Thursday, June 6, 2013

Art Show!

Have you ever thrown an art show?  Take it from me, you should.  Things to keep in mind:

1- Send out invitations in the mail (we sent ours a month in advance).
2- In the invitations invite your friends and relatives to bring their own art work to display.  (This made the show for me.  It was just wonderful to see my children get excited about what others had made- everyone ooooed and ahhhhed over each others entries.  Both adults and children participated, it was wonderful.)
3- Let the kids run the show.
4- Provide a way for everyone in attendance to vote anonymously on their very favorite pieces.
5- Have small participation gifts for everyone who brings art to display.  (The three top pieces of art work -those that received the most stars- got a little something bigger.)

I honestly can't express how much fun this event was.  Everyone (adults and children alike) had the best time.  The party actually culminated into an unexpected (unplanned) auction for artwork with the grandparents in attendance outbidding each other.  We were all in stitches as we watched (and the kids were overjoyed)!

I refuse to take any credit for this event.  It was truly thanks to my very determined 5 year old... he was the one who made something EVERYDAY for the show.  He was the one who insisted on sending invitations through the mail and he created the guest list.  He made art show signs (like the huge one in the second picture).  He helped with refreshments.  He talked and talked and talked about the show, until everyone in the family was convinced that it was an event NOT to be missed.

We are going to have to make this art show an annual event.
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