Friday, May 10, 2013

Yo Mama!

So, once upon a time--last year, actually--we were organized and we had a post all ready with books about moms and we put it up enough in advance so you could actually try to find those books before Mother's Day and read them with your kids and stuff.

Ummmm...not this year.

This year (and I can't speak for Robyn here, but) the only thing I have organized is my coloring drawer, and that's because I just did that this week.

So, today you're gonna be getting the 'probably too late to find before mother's day books and ideas' post! Oh yeah! You're not gonna find a gem like this anywhere else! (Okay, well maybe on our site again next year.)

This book was childhood favorite of mine!  My mom read it to me all the time and now I have the copy she used to read to me, so that makes it even more fun to read to my kids. 
Though I really want to get each of my girls a copy they can have their own when they grow up (and I can still have mine of course---I guess my mom will have to get herself another copy too if she wants one.)

You know what I would really love for Mother's Day? I should preface this by saying I only really want ridiculous things like closets and laminators.

More book storage!

(But this is totally unreasonable and I would never really expect it as a gift, though I do plan to keep nagging begging until my husband finally caves--maybe like Mother's Day 2023-ish)...
I have a nice big landing on my stairway, with a great big high window and it would look so awesome full of bookshelves! I'm pretty sure this one is the 'before' image of a landing that got redone- I can't find the 'after.'

These built-ins are amazing too! (I love the ladder, though I'm trying to avoid broken arms so I'd probably have to pass on that for now.)

Here's a cute book I picked up at my cool book store awhile back. Mrs. Mouse misunderstands her baby when he says 'I want another, Mother.'
  He means another kiss, but she goes searching and searching for another mother for's funny.

Now maybe a Mother's Day treat. Have you ever had one of these Tiramisu Parfaits from the Barnes & Noble Cafe? 
 I love them! They are so delicious and I like that they don't taste like coffee, which kind of ruins tiramisu for me sometimes.

Do you all have any big Mother's Day plans?  In honesty, I'm really hoping my kids give me the gift of 'no whining' for one whole day! That'd be the best present ever!!

Happy Mother's Day!
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