Friday, May 24, 2013

Writing Kits for Kids

Rainy is very into writing these days! She's constantly asking me how to spell things and what this letter looks like, or how to make that letter... So, I knew in my organization-ish attempts this month that I wanted to put together a little writing kit for her.

I'm sure you've seen different cute writing stations ideas around the web. Pink & Green Mama's writing centers were sort of my jumping off point, if you're wondering.

I wanted Rainy's kit to be portable. She loves carrying stuff around and I wanted her to feel like it was sort of special, just for her.

I also wanted to put stuff in that would get her in the habit of using the kindergarten style paper (I call it the paper with the railroad tracks, but I'm fairly certain I am alone in using this name for it.)

Here's a look at what we put in...

We are also working on a personalized little dictionary for her with pictures of things she likes to spell (like our pets names) next to the correct spellings...I'll show you when we get a little farther.

Anyway, so far she is adoring the kit! HOORAY! She gets it out everyday and tells me what she's gonna write.

By far the favorite item in there is the dry erase stuff! All the kids are obsessed with it, though Rainy doesn't really love when Cuteness tries to use her little dry erase board (which I made the lines for myself, just with a sharpie).

I'm very happy to report that I was able to get washable dry erase markers! Yes! I found out the hard way that regular dry erase markers are NOT washable.  And, it turns out to be a very good thing that I got washable...

Seems like Cuteness doesn't need her own white board...she's carrying a blank canvas around with her all the time apparently. Oh, and I think photographing this only made it worse because that same afternoon, long after she'd been washed off she did more body art...including her face!

Thank goodness for washability!!

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