Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Mouse Books by Monique Felix

Oh these books!  I really think they're so fabulous! But for some reason their availability on Amazon is extremely sporadic.. Why is that?  Why are some things from the series readily available and others are like impossible to find... (I suppose I'll never know.)

So, these are sweet little wordless books starring mice who apparently find themselves in the books by surprise.

First, let's see The Boat...

And now, The House...

It appears that The House is being reissued later this year under the title The Valentine.  (I saw several others which seem to be reissues too...I hope they all get brought back!!)

Personally, I'm only familiar with her "mouse book" series. However, Monique Felix has a lot of other titles that I think look great, like: 

My Shadowby Robert Louis Stevenson (where her artwork also stars a mouse)
 and The Good Ship Crocodileby J. Patrick Lewis (which comes out later this year.)  

Also, I'm sure her illustrations for Hansel & Gretel are fantastic...but it's one that seems to be unavailable. I'll have to check the library!  
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