Wednesday, May 1, 2013

snowstorms & crayon resists & hash tags OH MY!

Thank you Wizard of Oz for giving all of us a way to combine three things that really have nothing in common (except, I guess lions and tigers and bears do actually have something in common...oh my.)

Hi! Guess what? I sort of feel like posting about this book today...because it's snowing here!  Like I can't even see the grass anymore.  On May 1st.  Not cool.

But, I stopped myself. No sledding books will be posted on May 1st! Instead...

Crayon resists:
The other day (when it was actually sunny) we were doing some crayon resist watercolor painting and I came up with a way to throw a little reading in for Rainy.  It was super simple and gave reading a different twist...
I just drew a line about 2/3 of the way down a piece of paper and then used a white crayon to write a simple CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) word below the line.

Next, Rainy used her paintbrush to reveal the hidden word. Thank you crayon resist magic! After she read the word, she painted a picture of it! So easy!!

Obviously you could make the words as simple or as complex as needed. For us, it was cool and different way to practice reading.

Hash tags:
Ummm,  I have no idea how hash tags work. It seems like people just stick them in randomly #likehere #isthiswhatyoudo #doiusepunctuationornot #whoknows #cananyonereadthis

Anyway, the reason I'm even mentioning hash tags (besides the fact that I seem to like to show my stupidity on the internet) is that Jackie from My Little Bookcase has come up with a very fun Instagram game for the month of May.

Well, you all know how much we love Intsagram! We both really want to play along!! So...we now have a PP&PB Instagram account!

Our user name is: penpalsandpicturebooks

Are you on Instagram? I hope you'll join in too!! And, if you are on Instagram, lets follow each other! Tell us your user name in comments, or follow us and we'll find you! 

Can't wait see what everyone is reading!
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PS-If you're not on Instagram (you know, like maybe someone who likes book bags and hello kitty) I think it'd be so fun to see your picks on Facebook? Please? Or hear about them on your site!! xoxo 

(I know, I know--I already need to know about peoples' bookends and now their daily reading habits...we've already agreed that I have problems.) 

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