Monday, May 6, 2013

Let's (attempt to) GET ORGANIZED!

Hey all, happy May! Do you remember last year we took one month to feature book storage ideas? If not, let me give you a quick re-cap.

Robyn was the champion of useful, cute & clever ideas such as this and this, while I brought you diaper boxes...nope, not a typo--I actually blogged about a diaper box. (My eccentricity has already been well established, if your wondering.)

Well, this month we're at it again! And we're not limiting it to book storage! I've got art supplies, storing saved artwork, and writing stations on my mind. (Whether or not all of those things will actually happen in my house this month, well that's another story.)

Anyway, to help get you in an organizing mood I'm going to leave you with an ode to the shoe organizer. It has so very many uses...who knew?
I need to do this stuffed animal trick AND how about for stationary like this!

Hello, awesome art supply storage PLUS who doesn't need help organizing the car?!

 One for hair stuff makes sense AND finally, check out this amazing herb garden!

Do you feel like organizing yet? I do!  I'll be back tomorrow with the first project. Oh, and don't worry, we're still gonna talk about books and artwork and other random stuff too. I promise!

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