Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Il Sung Na

I first happened upon Il Sung Na in my earliest pinterst days. The lovely Melissa had pinned A Book of Sleep and I thought it looked wonderful so I quickly repinned it!

Fast forward to a few months later when I was browsing at my cool book store (AKA my local book exchange). There on the shelf sat A Book of Sleep.
As you can see it was just as lovely as I had hoped!! I adore the simple, exaggerated style of these illustrations!  I grabbed it. I put it with the stack. I carried it around the store. But, ultimately, I decided to wait 'til next time...

Big mistake!

It wasn't there next time!

Or the next time!

Or like 4 next times after that!!!!

Then one fateful day The Thingamabob appeared on the shelf so I snatched it up the second I saw it and of course didn't leave the store without it. Yes, I've learned my lesson.
Again, so much love for these whimsical, bright drawings. They are wonderful.  Il Sung Na is a genius!   And silly too...

I haven't seen any of his other work floating around in my book store, but I'm pleased to report that he does have more books including:

Teacup in a Storm by Lucy M. George
(which appears to have been published in the UK under the title Brrrr)

AND new book that will be released in the US in 2014!! Hooray! 
It's already hit the UK and is titled Shhh: A Book of Babies! 

Perhaps you might like a link to his site? Here you go. And also you may be excited to know that A Book of Sleep has been turned into an app! (Or, like me, you may be angered to know it's not available in the US store...WHY?!?)

Now then, I'm sure you're wondering if I ever got a copy of my Il Sung Na gateway book.*  Don't worry, A Book of Sleep did show up at my cool bookstore again, and I didn't wait...in fact I almost bought more than one copy (but I used restraint, which can be difficult for me when it comes to buying books.)

Happy reading!

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* a gateway book is the book that started the obsession with a certain topic, author, genre, etc... as coined by clever Vanessa

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