Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to make Pinwheels!

I mentioned Pinwheels on Friday... here's a little tutorial just in case you've never made one before.
 1- Cut paper square (normal computer printing weight paper works best for pinwheels that will spin easily... card stock makes great decorative pin wheels).  My squares are 2" x 2" (pretty small) but you can try any size.  Through trial and error we found that the smaller pinwheels were easier for my kids to make spin (when they blow on them).

2- Draw two lines from corner to corner... a big X.  Then cut along each line until you are about 1/8 inch from the center.

3- Put a pin through one corner of each triangle (must be the same corresponding side of all four triangles; like I marked in the third picture).  When the pin is through all four corners stick it right through the very center of the paper- x marks the spot!

4- Stick the pin into the eraser side of a pencil, as far as it will go.  AND BLOW!  or run around outside, whatever you like.

They're simple and fun.  And I'm guessing most people already know how to make them... but if you never have, now you've got the instructions.

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