Friday, May 31, 2013

Hello Summer VACATION

Hello!  Robyn here in blue today, not long ago lovely Michelle from over at Needle and Nest posted the most wonderful Summer plans list made by her sweet daughter.  We decided such list making needed to happen at our houses too.

Honestly, my kids lists were pretty generic (i.e. pool, vacation, cousin time) all fun stuff but not too surprising.

Well nothing except right near the top of Bibs list was that he wanted to 'ride the ride in front of the Dollar Store'... you know the crappy carousel dollar store ride that I say no to.  I'm thinking next time I'll say yes, for Bibs.  I liked the things on Kitten's list, especially 'make the sandbox into a pretend beach' because she can do that EVERYDAY of summer as far as I'm concerned.  Both boys had 'Art Show', good news!  We can check that event off of our lists tomorrow.

Whitlacs here! The one thing my girls seemed to have in common was that they did not want to make lists of things they wanted to do for the summer... Oops!  But after a bit they got into it...
 Lilac chose fun stuff like going the the pancake parlor (at least 5 times) and camping out in the backyard.  Rainy really wants to go the movie with Gpa and Mimi all by herself.  And Cuteness? She wants to play strawberry bounce (no, I don't know what that is), eat strawberries, and go somewhere that has strawberries! 
As far as summer goes here on the blog... we're going to slow down.  We'll try to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout summer vacation.  Who knows, maybe there will even be a bonus post every now and then (you know in case I can't fit my ramblings all into one post-- it happens).

I (Robyn) will be having a baby sometime in July... so we're just going to kinda take it easy.  BUT- we'll still be here, so don't go away! (And if you still read us on Google Reader and haven't heard the news yet-- that program is taking a permanent vacation. We've heard good things about bloglovin though.)

I (Whitney) thought it would be fun if Robyn & I made summer lists too...she said her main plan for the summer is to have a baby (yeah, that's really all my list includes.  I'll keep you all posted on how that goes.)-- and I think that's plenty!! Since I'm not having a baby, here's my list...
Confused? Have you seen some of the popsicles on pinterest? A flip flop tan really is the symbol of a productive summer, don't you think? And, as long was we're eating strawberries, some of them might as well be in the shortcake form! 

Did you all know that Whitney and I haven't seen each other in person in over 10 years?  It's just crazy.  We certainly need to remedy that.  Anyway, as for me?  I've got an art show to prepare for!  Summer time... here we come.
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