Monday, May 13, 2013

Getting Rid of Books

Hi there! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  I didn't get the no whining wish (if you're wondering) but it was still a great mother's day! I have 3 beautiful girls who I get to hug and snuggle and laugh with and read to and just love every single day! So, it was a good day to be me!

Anyway, I know I've mentioned my lack of organization and my wish for more book storage plenty of times so I won't bore you with that again!  I just came across something I saw online and I wanted to ask what you guys thought.

You see, I've been working on reorganizing our books so we can actually find the one we want when we want to read it (you know simple stuff like that.) I got some clear magazine boxes which I'm using for 2 purposes:

1) to group books (the clear boxes allow us to see the titles inside so easily)
2) to act sort of as bookends between sections of unboxed books
Anyway I'm having a hard time deciding how to categorize them.  Of course favorite characters and favorite authors were easy. (Those would be the ones that have found homes in the magazine boxes.) It's the others I'm stuck on...
We aren't quite ready for alphabetical yet, so I'm thinking by genre, or topic...? For help, I google searched something about organizing children's books and I came upon an interesting thread.

Here's the original post.  This is from The Bump, if you're wondering. (Also, I have no idea what The Bump is, as far as the site is concerned. Just thought I'd let you know that.)

A user asked:
We have so many books.  SO MANY.  Partly because I was a primary teacher, and partly because we love to read, but it's overwhelming.  The kids have books in their rooms, and we have them in the living room and family room and some stored away in the office.  But we end up reading the same ones over and over because they are the ones that end up on the top of the pile of the overflowing book basket.  I went and got new shelves from Ikea and some bins and was thinking of sorting them by theme or something, and maybe pulling some out to be brought out monthly based on holidays or seasons - I think if I labeled them well, it could happen - but still.  Looking for better ideas.

Here's the response that I'm wondering about:
My mom was a school librarian for 20 years.
She said that they were ALWAYS told to get rid of the books that they aren't reading, no matter how much you may love the idea of having them. Too many books overwhelm kids and they end up doing exactly what you mention-- reading the same 5-10 books over and over.
I recently got rid of about 40 books and I will say that she's right. The kids seem less overwhelmed and are actually flipping through what's there and making lots of different choices. I may pare it down even further...

What'd you think of that? Would you pare your books way down? Like would you get rid of 40 books at one time?  That seems drastic to me...though when it comes to books I may have hoarding tendencies. 

I will say this in my defense, my kids don't just read the same books over and over. Of course they have favorites, but they like variety, too.  They love looking through the shelves and finding something new or something they haven't read in a long time.  

I've always felt like having a lot of books was a good I'm wondering if someone needs to do and intervention for me.

Book-aholics unite?  Or, do I need book hoarders anonymous?
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PS- I'm still open to idea about how to group our books. And, while the magazine boxes are a cheap, quick help for now, I think ultimately the best solution for me is ALOT of forward facing book storage! 

My landing may not get filled with built-ins after all. Instead it may get lots of nice long thin floating poor husband. 

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