Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fish Printing (take 2 with food coloring)

I've posted fish printing before.  Last time we used non-toxic tempera paint to get the print.  The fact that we used paint prompted questions about actually eating the fish after printing (which we did after washing the fish... but obviously everyone wouldn't be comfortable with this method).  This time we used food coloring!  The food coloring gel.  Have you used that before?  (It produces much more vibrant colors in frosting.)  You can buy it at any kitchen store or in the cake decorating isle (in Wal Mart for example).

So, why did we print fish again?  The upcoming art show of course!  Snoopy desperately wanted to make fish prints for one of his entries.  A fishing excursion had to happen.

We came home with a stringer full of Bluegill.  I don't have any pictures of the actual printing this go around.  But, it's pretty simple.  Dax painted food coloring gel onto the fish and then he pressed canvas onto the fish.  He chose colors and how to arange the printings.
This is my favorite of his work.  We didn't have a frame to fit this large piece, so instead we found a large abandoned board out in the farm yard.  He hammered the canvas into place (perfect for him since he LOVES using tools).
Here are a couple of close-up prints.  I love the way they came out... I think Snoop's artwork is very in vogue for the current trends in decorating.  You know with all the animal and naturalistic art out there?  You've seen all the mounted animal heads that are everywhere haven't you?

The big art show is happening tomorrow!  I can't believe it.  I'll have to post some pictures after the event.  :)

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ps The bluegill were delicious for dinner that night, btw.

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