Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella

Hi friends, we're having some scary weather here in the US. To the folks over in Moore, Oklahoma and other tornado stricken spots, our prayers go out to families who have lost homes and loved ones! We hope you can find safety and comfort very soon.

Anyway, because I had Oklahoma on the mind, I thought I'd share this wild west version of Cinderella with you today. (And yes I know geographically Oklahoma isn't the west...but I still think a wild west story works there.)

Cindy Ellen is the heroine, her prince is a wealthy rancher (a cattle king), and her fairy godmother wields a pistol and imparts not only fancy clothes but also gumption, grit and guts! (Which I think is so fantastic!!)

Instead of a ball, Cindy wins the rancher's heart at the rodeo and square dance.  When the clock strikes twelve, of course she has no glass slipper to lose-- she's a cowgirl-- it's a diamond spur that falls off her boot and into the hands of her prince.

In the end, of course they get hitched and ride off into the sunset, just as a western happily ever after should be!  Here's hoping our tornado stricken friends can find some happy in their ever afters very very soon!


 PS- If you're looking for more versions of Cinderella, we have this post and also this one. Enjoy!

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