Friday, May 17, 2013

Book Purge!

Whitney and I decided to clear the shelves a bit... getting rid of books?!?!?!  WHAT?!?!  How could we?  After Monday's post we both got to thinking about our personal collections (which we adore and which are both growing exponentially by the year).  Whitalics here, you all know how freaked out I was on Monday thinking I couldn't imagine parting with a single book!

Here's our conclusion... there are the books you LOVE, there are the books you LIKE, there are the books you think will come in handy someday, and then there are the books that are just okay. (Or repeat copies, or things your kids have outgrown...)  

So, what's the point on hanging onto those 'okay' books when they are taking up valuable LOVE book real-estate?  Are we wrong? We are not wrong! I need to fill that space with more books I love!! Oh right, this is about purging!

Now for the challenge:  a 50 book purge.  We were both a bit trepidations. (I'm not gonna lie, I didn't think I could do it.. 50 books seemed like ALOT!)  Guess what?  It wasn't very difficult. (At all.)  

Mine are going to my small town library (I'll know where to look if I actually do miss any of them). Mine are headed to a variety of places, one of which will be my local book exchange where I can earn back money to buy some more books---I need help don't I?

It was good for me.  Therapeutic. (Mostly I just felt dumb about making such a big deal on Monday when these 50 books are so easy to part with.)

Now if I can just do some major purging of stuff... I've got too much stuff... (I was thinking the same thing.  I need to find 50 of something else to get rid of too!!)
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