Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Unlikely Librarians

Librarians you ask? Yup, today I've got books about librarians!! I found one at the library, we had a silly one at home and Lilac (who is very interested in what I'm putting on the blog) checked one out for me at school. So, now I have a trifecta of librarian books to share...

 Miss Dorothy and her Bookmobile is based on the true story of rural librarian Dorothy Thomas.  The art in this book is just delightful. And I happen to love reading about the passion and persistence of a woman who's life long dream is to be a librarian. Oh how she succeeds! Even if it's not in the way she imagined.

Library Lil is the Paul Bunyan of librarians: pushing the bookmobile through and thunderstorm, turning the townspeople from couch potatoes to reading junkies, and taming a crew of bad bikers!  It's awesome!  Plus, art by Steven Kellogg is really the icing on the cake for me!

Aunt Lulu is pretty quirky, but I have to include it because Lilac loves it!  Lulu is a librarian in Alaska who delivers books to miners using her sled and team of dogs (Melvin, Louise, Phoebe, Willie, Norman, Hortense, Bruce, Susie, Charles, Teddie, Neddie, Eddie, Freddie, and Sweetie-pie.) But she's hanging up her hat a moving to New Jersey-- don't worry the dogs and sled go with her.

There you have it!  Three librarians that rock!  
Hey, is there a librarians' appreciation day? There should be!!
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