Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Things that go 'mama!' in the night...

I don't know when other people do their blogging (and I'm actually quite curious about that in all honesty, but that's a random topic for another day! Today's random topic has already been selected.)

Anyway, me? I think I'd call myself a midnight blogger.  I write my posts late at night when everyone (sane) is sleeping.  (Robyn is the total opposite-- but again random information for another day.) Its not really the ideal time I suppose, but thats when it happens.

WELL today's post was going to be about teaching Rainy to read. I was all ready to sit down to the laptop and crank it out when I heard a squawk from Cuteness' room.

Here's the thing, I don't know how much longer she's gonna want me to snuggle her and since I take all the snuggles I can get I went in an laid by her for a bit.

Then, I went back to my room to start typing, but before I even sat down, I had a cute little guest in a Minnie Mouse nightgown greeting me and hopping in bed...

It didn't take her long to get comfy, as you can see.

I've probably been watching too many sappy shows lately or something, but I feel like my kids' childhood is just racing passed me!  Where is time going? I was suddenly so tired. I think my brain was saying, 'Must lay down by cute little girl and snuggle!'

So, now this post is not about teaching reading, its about snuggling Cuteness while she is still little enough that she wants to crawl in bed with me. Midnight blogging about teaching reading will have to wait.

Happy snuggling!
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