Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Repurposed Kids Play Oven

A while ago I was drooling over all of the repurposed kids kitchen sets on pintrest.  My little sis was like "Hey!  We can do this for your kids!!!" and I responded along the lines of "yeah right".

Guess what?  I have the best little sister in the whole wide world.  She surprised us by making Miss Kitten an oven for her birthday!!!  She found this old nightstand thrifting... and look what she made it into!  Amazing.  Really.  Amazing.  She even thrifted the front door... it once was a frame, which she re-sized (yes, you heard me; she re-sized it by re-mitering the corners... how do you even go about doing that?)  The oven door has a window made of plexi-glass and inside is the perfect little rack for baking.

And how cute is that recipe box?  (which inspired her color theme, btw)

As you can imagine it's been a HUGE hit with all of the kids.  The best part (besides the fact that it was made with love by their Aunt) is that it's a nice sturdy piece of furniture.  It will last forever!  We love it!!!

Happy pretend baking!
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