Monday, April 8, 2013

Poetry by Karma Wilson

So, you may or may not know that April is National Poetry Month in the US. But guess what, this year we actually realized that in time to do something posty about it!  So, poems and such will be hitting pp&pb for the next little while, starting with these...

Mom's Diet
My mom is on a diet.
I'm telling you it's rough.
She's always cooking greens and beans
and other "healthy" stuff.
Whenever we go out to eat,
she gets the diet size.
But at this rate she won't lose weight.

My mom steals half my fries!

Don't Eat Yellow Snow!
A while back my father warned me,
I asked him why and he replied,
"Because I told you so!"
He said, "It's sure to make you sick
Don't even try one bite."
He sounded pretty serious
and so I said, "All right."
Then one day my little sister
almost did the worst.
She would have eaten yellow snow
had I not stopped her first!
But right before she took a taste
I saved her just in time.

I threw her lemon snow cone down
and bought her kiwi-lime.

Did you know Karma Wilson had a poetry book? It's called What's the Weather Inside? I think it's pretty darn hilarious! It was tough narrowing it down to sharing just these two-- I hope you liked them!

More fun poetry to come!  
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