Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Photo Illustrated Mother Goose

Hi all, just a little warning: hate to ruffle any feathers, but we may just bowl you over with nursery rhymes this week (I say may because with Robyn and I, you never really can predict what we'll post, but we've both found a gaggle of mother goose books and it'd be a down right shame if we didn't let you take a gander at as many as possible, wouldn't it?)

So flock around the computer little goslings, I've got another unique take on Mother Goose for you today. Have you ever seen nursery rhymes accompanied by photo illustrations? I mean really, these were totally new to me...

First of all, I was very excited to see Wegman's take on Mother Goose. Below you have (left to right) Jack & Jill, Little Miss Muffet, and Old Mother Hubbard!

For some reason I adore William Wegman. I'm dog person, is that why? I just think his stuff is so quirky and playful, but also oddly beautiful. The man is a serious, devoted photographer and his muse is a dog. It really is fascinating. And his puppy photographs are adorable too!

The next images come from a book called The Neighborhood Mother Goose . I think this one is a lot fun too! It features mostly children, and a few parents, as the nursery rhymes characters.

Above you see (again, left to right): To Market, To Market; Peter Piper (those are the pecks of pickled peppers, in case you couldn't tell); and the little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead.  (I'm hoping Rainy doesn't look at that last picture too closely.)

Because I've only shown you nontraditional things so far, I feel like I need to state the fact that I love a classically illustrated version as well-- remember I said we've got more coming--you know what they say, 'there's more than one way to illustrate a goose!' (I'm sure someone has said that at some point in history, maybe?) What do you think Mother Goose herself would think of all the twists and turns her rhymes have taken?

Well, I gotta fly! You've plucked me clean of goose jokes...I guess you could say my goose is cooked! Feel free to feather your comments with goose related goodness, I'm down with it. Okay, I promise that's all I've got...oh, except maybe...

Honk! Honk! 

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