Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nursery Rhyme Game

SO... it's not a secret that one of the key factors to learning to read is being able to rhyme.  BUT, talk to nearly any Kindergarten teacher and they will attest that there are a shocking amount of kids that come to school with out that ability.  In conjunction with that, it's unbelievable the amount of children who are completely unfamiliar with Nursery Rhymes.  It's almost as if Nursery Rhymes have gone out of fashion (I know these things aren't true for readers of this blog).

Reading readiness and nursery rhymes go hand in hand.  SO... since I have a house full of pre-readers and emergent readers I decided to make a Nursery Rhyme game.  I painted simple simple simple pictures on stones.  Each picture represents a rhyme or two (or three).
The kids take turns pulling stones out of the 'super fancy' wooden box I got from Michaels (one of those unfinished boxes, I painted it and put stickers on).  When they pick a stone they try to figure out what rhyme could go with it, then recite the rhyme... if they can remember it.  When they can't remember we all say it together.

 Oh, and look... the cat even got in on the fun.

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PS This week was Snoopy's first grade program.  It was titled "Nursery Rhymes and Sight Words".  The program was adorable.  They sang a parody of Queen's "We Will Rock You", the chorus went "We Will, Wee Willie Winkie!!!" I was laughing SO HARD.  On the way home I was explaining to Snoop why I thought that song was so funny.  He'd never heard the original.... so I sang part to him.  After he said "Ummm, Mom... the real song sounds way cooler than the one we sang."  haha...  so funny.

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