Friday, April 12, 2013

Mother Goose Comics

(Excuse the quick post high jacking here!  Hi!  It's me, Robyn.  I just wanted to congratulate Candice for winning the Light in the Attic and Laura for winning Animal Poems for Children.  I'll email you both for addresses today.  Thanks for entering!)

Hey everyone! Happy Friday, assuming you are reading this on Friday. If not, then happy whatever day it may be!

I've recently come across A LOT of Mother Goose books (and so has Robyn--stay tuned to find out if we've got all the same stuff0. So, today I thought it'd be fun to show you two comic inspired versions of the good old goose...

Cartoons from The New Yorker: Mother Goose on the Loose
edited by Bobbye S. Goldstein

This was in the YA section at my library. Text of the actual nursery rhyme being showcased is followed by a variety of comics about the rhyme. I'm not sure the kiddos will get many of them, but I've really been enjoying this book...

with an introduction by Leonard S. Marcus

In this book the rhymes are illustrated in comic form.  These are very VERY cool! The art is bold and unique-- but still the original rhymes accompany the pictures, so its fun for kids and adults! 

OH! This book would be an awesome baby gift for a comic book loving parent! (Can I just say here in the parentheses that I kind of love this one!!  Too much Big Bang Theory I guess.)

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to nursery rhymes (if so then you probably hated this post...oops!) or do you like to see something new? (Here's hoping its the later!) I (obviously) enjoy a fresh take now and then.

Happy reading!
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