Monday, April 29, 2013

Make a Tiny Book from 1 Sheet of Paper

Have you done this before?  It's fun!

1: Take one sheet of regular printing paper and fold it into 16 equal squares.

2: Cut 3 squares in (alternating sides) as seen in second photo.

3: Fold the paper like an accordion back and forth... you'll end up with a tiny little book.

4: Glue stick the inside of the book to itself (the pages you wouldn't draw on; this helps the book keep it's shape).

5: Using heavy paper cut out a cover- then glue stick the book inside.

(If my instructions are difficult to decipher, I suggest looking for a youtube tutorial.)

Snoopy wanted to write a book about football (a subject I know nothing about) after getting no where by asking me the names of teams he decided to just go for it.  I LOVED the teams he came up with... here are a couple of my favorites: first 'the smalls' next 'the carrots'.  Just fabulous!
It was a fun way to spend our Sunday night.  Do you ever make your own books?  Do your kids like to make their own books?
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