Friday, April 26, 2013

Library Lion

Well, I started out thinking I'd tell you about three books today...then I realized I talk too much and if I talked about all three no one would get to the end of this post.

So, now I'm just telling you about one (I'm not saying that guarantees brevity or anything, but for the record, I have taken Tim Gunn's advice and used and 'editing eye.' So we'll see how it goes.)

I love this book.  It's been around for a while (2006), but it was new to me when I came across it.  Actually, it was my book fair pick. (Yes I pick a book at the book fair too, but I may have to stop this's starting to draw attention from my kids...oh well.)

At first it doesn't seem like the library is the right place for a lion.

But soon everyone comes to realize its exactly the right place...well, almost everyone.

There's a rule breaking incident...the lion has to go. (But it's really all a big misunderstanding, it was an emergency, roaring was necessary.)

Anyway, in the end, things are just as they should be!  I'm sure this makes me sound 100% crazy, but when I read this book I wish there was a lion at my library too!

Happy reading!

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