Monday, April 22, 2013

I dream of greenie...

My computer does not want me to use made up words anymore apparently.  I had to change greenie back like 4 times, it just would not let the typo go!

Hey, here's a random thought, if you make a typo, but its really on purpose, then is it still called a typo?  (Only the most vital of topics being discussed today, obviously.)

So, why do I dream of greenie you ask, what does that mean? For one thing, it means I wish it looked a little greener outside! It snowed like two inches last night. Cuteness declared that it was Christmastime!

It's not. So, yes I dream of greenie.

But really? I'm talkin' Earth Day of course!

The book I'm gonna tell you about was a book fair find of Lilac's. I like it because it talks about helping the earth without all the propaganda and guilt, you know?

So as you can see, this was once a cardboard box, but now it's a book about polar bears. (It doesn't win the award for the catchiest title, if you're wondering.)

It's a fact book about polar bears but the sidebar tells the story of how a box became this book...

The last pages do mention how global warming is affecting the polar bears habitat, but again, it doesn't get all doomsday. It simply gives kids ideas of how they can reuse and recycle--I think that's a good start for the little conservationists that this book is written for.

Happy Earth Day!
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