Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Concrete Poems

So, in the great 'poetry month search for books' I found a really cool book called A Dazzling Display of Dogs which is filled with concrete poems--have you ever heard of concrete poems?  In this kind of poetry the text is typed into a shape or laid out in a way helps convey the meaning of the poem, like so...

 "Bedtime with Brownie"

 "Circling Poem 2: Coco Circling on the Rug"

 "Emmet's Ode to his Tennis Ball"
I think they're fun and creative and just as cool to look at as they are are to read. Plus, I love how bright and colorful this book is! Oh! There's even a poem in the shape of one of those white cone/collar things. Perfect for a dog poem!!

There is also A Curious Collection of Cats  by the same author/illustrator team (Betsy Franco and Michael Wertz, respectively.) I'm gonna have to see if I can find that one too!

Happy rhyming!
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