Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So, a recent trip to Barnes and Noble has me pondering bookends. Is that odd? Do people think about bookends, like for more than a second? (Regular people I mean.)

Here are the ones I saw...well the ones that have me pondering bookends, that is. (Oh, these are all by Jonathan Adler for B&N and are more affordable than the ones on his actual site.)

 (Because we have a dachshund.)

 (For obvious reasons. 
Though, I saw a resin ampersand online which I think I like a bit more.)

(I do love elephants.)

Lovely, yes? Do you see why I'm pondering bookends now?  I think an elephant helping my books stay up would be soooo cute!  Guess what, those don't even scratch the surface when it comes to bookends. Check out a couple I saw on Etsy....

(Amazing, right? This would obviously have to go on a very high shelf!)

(There are a lot of cool cut metal bookends available on Etsy, 
I'm showing the cat for all you crazy cat ladies!)

Then I really wanted to find some that the kids could make...there wasn't much that I could find online for inspiration there--weird right? The internet has ideas for everything! Anyway, I did see this idea from Martha...
(The girls would love making these.)

So...bookends...a new obsession. I may have to dedicate a pin board to them....that's when you know it's serious! 

Anyway here's my question: Are they really more trouble than they're worth? 

At the library, for example, the kids can never get books back in the bookends...and all the books tend to fall to one side and push the bookends over...you know?

Do you have bookends holding up books that you are taking on and off the shelf all. the. time. or do you just use them for sometimes books?  What kind do you have? Do tell! (Yes, I know I'm strange.)

Happy bookends!
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