Thursday, April 11, 2013

Animal Poems for Children (and an even smaller giveaway)


What are your thoughts on poetry anyway?  Honestly, high school AP English kinda ruined it for me.  That's not completely true, but it did put a bad taste in my mouth for a while.  Still, I've never lost the love I have for Poetry for children (and I'll always love silly poetry of course).  As a very little child my mom and I spent countless hours with mother goose and we read (and read and read and read) the poetry in this Golden Storytime Book, Animal Poems for Children published in 1982.
When I see a nice copy of this book at a book sale I can't pass it by, it's all those childhood memories and good feelings... anyway, I've accumulated a few copies.

Did anyone else have this book as a kid?

Well, if you'd like a copy I'd be happy to share one of my extras with one of you!  Same deal as yesterday, just let me know if you are interested in comments.  I'll announce who I'm sending A Light in the Attic and Animal Poems for Children to tomorrow (Friday, April 12) .
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