Friday, March 1, 2013

Who is Dr. Seuss?

This past week Rainy has been requesting Dr. Seuss books every night for her bed time story. She has a whole stack in her room and last night when I saw yet another Seussy pick, we had a little chat...

Me- "Hey, it's perfect that you've been wanting all these books because Saturday is Dr. Seuss' birthday."

Her-"Who's that?"

Me- "He wrote all these books you've been reading, like Horton, and the birthday book, and this one."

Her- "OH!" (Color her impressed!)

Though I'm surprised she didn't ask if we were going to his party.  If you say it's someone's birthday she thinks that means it's their birthday party and she automatically wants to know if she gets to go.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to make a little reading game with a Seuss-ish flare for her since she's been enjoying his stuff so much.
Most of these pictures I used are from online printable coloring pages or traced from books we have here at the house. I don't want Dr Seuss rolling over in his grave or anything, all these images are his obviously, I just wanted to use Seuss art and easily recognizable Seussy looking things to make the game as Seussed up as possible.

(As you can see I used stuff from the Lorax movie too, 'cuz my kids love it).  Because Rainy is just in the earliest stages of reading, I picked a simple CVC (consonant vowel consonant) word to go with each picture in hopes that she'd be able to sound them out easily and have fun, not struggle.
And there she is in action! I have really got to get a laminator to keep these babies in good shape! I mean Cuteness will wanna play the Seuss Game someday too, I'm sure.  (I'll have to think of a cooler name.)

 Happy Seussing everyone!
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