Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Thrifting Talents of the Amazing Varga Sisters

If you follow my cute home library pinboard you have probably seen the vintage record holder turned book rack. (I'm calling it vintage, 'cuz that's the cool way to say old now, right?)  I have been looking for one for a LONG time. Sadly though, I seem not to have the best thrift store luck in my neck of the woods.

But guess who is unstoppable when it comes to thrifting? The Amazing Varga Sisters!!! Yes!  I am here to tell you that Robyn and Bonnie are thrifting queens!  I told them about my record holder dreams and a few months later I get a text that Bonnie is out thrifting and she found one! FOR A DOLLAR!!!! Check it out!

I was thinking of maybe refinishing it or dolling it up but really I just couldn't wait to put books in it!!

So great, right!? I wish I had one for each of the girls' rooms! Robyn and Bonnie rock!! I fulled intend to send them on more thrifting missions for me!! Thanks girls!!  

Do you  have any unique book storage I should know about? Or, do you need them to look for some cool thrifted stuff for you?

Happy book storing!
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