Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fraction Books for Kids

Did you know all the episodes of Friends have titles like that (the one where...) Perhaps the more important question is, do you care about that? Probably not.

So, as you saw I'm gonna talk about fractions.


Well, this month we're gonna feature math books (that's actually a bit of a generalization--we're gonna spend about a third of the month on math books and a third on Easter, with maybe an eighth or less on St. Patty and about three quarters of it on our usual randomness...does that add up? See why I need fraction books!)

But really, fraction books are the reason behind featuring books about math this month. You see, Lilac has entered the world of fractions at school and it seems like some of the concepts could use some reinforcing at home.

Are you're kiddos doing fractions yet? Here's some of the books we've found fun and helpful.

Books that focus mostly on the math:
Whole-y Cow: Fractions Are Fun is a great book to read and work through together. The text asks questions about fractions that can be found  in the illustrations.  With a parent as their guide, kids can look at the pictures and come up with the answers.  It's a good place to begin.

Working with Fractions is more detailed, explaining things like numerators and denominators. There are some trickier concepts in this one, but they are all shown with both an illustration and a fraction with matches that illustration.

Books that focus mostly on the story:
Full House: An Invitation to Fractions is the story of an inn with six rooms which the owner is trying to fill for the night.  Its got a simple fraction running through the story with a fun foody fraction at the end.

The Wishing Club: A Story About Fractions has a bit more complex fraction situation.  Four siblings wish on a star, but each one only gets a portion of what they wish for.  In the end they wish together in hopes of getting one whole thing they all want.

Half Story Half Math:

Polar Bear Math: Learning About Fractions from Klondike and Snow a true story of two polar bear cubs that were abandoned by their mother. The pages on the right tell the story and the pages on the left show the math, so you can pick how fractiony you want to get.  

Next I might be looking for books on decimals. Can you make those fun? I guess I'll find out! Anyway, March is for math!  (And other stuff.)  Hope you enjoy it!post signature
PS- We also did some fractioning of our own with play dough.  This really helped it sink in for Lilac. Picking up the pieces, actually seeing how the 2/4 physcially equaled 1/2, etc. Just thought I'd share (excuse the very bad pictures below!) 

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