Monday, March 25, 2013

Rick Walton's Bunnies

You may or may not remember that I have posted several times about a book called So Many Bunnieswritten by Rick Walton and illustrated by Paige Miglio.  I quite like that one, so I was very excited that my library had 2 more bunny books from Walton and Miglio...

First, Bunnies on the Go.  Pretty obviously, this one is about transportation.  I love it because its a rhyming book with super adorable bunnies using different type of transportation...

Next we have Bunny Day which I think I like even more.  It has cute little rhymes about what the bunnies do each hour throughout the day. (I think the pic in the top left corner here of Mom waking up is perfect.)  

Such sweet illustrations! But, for some reason, these two books seem to be unavailable for purchase! Why? I just don't get it! And, it kind of makes me want to have them even more... is that weird?
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