Monday, March 4, 2013

Old Calendars into Books

Somehow I've collected quite a stack of old calendars (hoarder).  Just yesterday I thought of a great way to use them... as covers for home made books!!!  My kids LOVE writing their own books and each of these beautiful covers gives them some great inspiration for writing material.
I like to sew our books together.  They are sturdier than the stapled versions we've made in the past.  Just put a few sheets of paper and the book cover together, fold them in half and sew with a basting stitch down the center fold.
Sunday evening authors.  We got some really great stories last night... and Snoopy (my oldest) is finally feeling confident enough with his writing to do it all himself!  HOORAY!  I wrote all the words for Bibs and Kitten while they were dictating.
Happy book making!
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