Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Number and Counting Board Books

At this point, it's no secret that I have a little thing for board books.  I think they're my favorite, though I couldn't tell you why.

WAIT! Maybe it has to do with the memories they hold of shared reading with sweet toddlers, particularly the size my children are and the cuddliness they still show when they are of board book age.  You know what, I think that's it! Mystery solved!!

Anyway, I love them! And, since we're talking math this month, there's lots of great numbery, counting-ish board books so I thought today I'd share some with you...

Favorite Characters Ones
Cuteness loves both Duck and Goose and Olivia!  So, naturally board books about them are on the list at our house, and here are the counting versions. 

Boynton Ones
Sandra Boynton's quirky fun is explored in a variety of counting books. My library had 4: Hippos Go BerserkOne, Two, Three!Fifteen Animals! and Doggies.

Artsy Ones
So much love for these books that share real art with tiny tots! Really lovely!! Counting with Wayne Thiebaud (more details on this one later in March) and 123 Si!

Bunny Ones
We love So Many Bunnies. It's soft and sweet!  I don't have One More Bunny, but it looks equally cute! (And annoyingly NOT on Amazon at a reasonable price!)

Lit-based Ones (aka Vanessa's favorite ones)
Vanessa is always talking about these and I finally got my hands on a few! Now I want to always be talking about them! For counting books, my library had Romeo & Juliet and Pride & Prejudice, which was my favorite of the two, especially the pictures for number 4!

Flappy Ones
My kids are always drawn to the DK flap books we have Numbers are everywhere which is kind of a count and add and lift the flap adventure.  I'd love to look at Flaptastic: Numbers-- I assume it'll be flaptastic for goodness sake!

Cool Counting Book Series Ones
I just came across these on amazon.  They look very cool! Graphic art type illustrations of landmarks and traditions familar to the place, simple and clever!! I might have to get the Baltimore one for sure...and a couple others so it doesn't feel lonely. (There are A LOT more than these 4...even zoo and beach.)

Big Ones
We've read both of these in oversized board book versions and quite enjoyed them (again and again). Ten in the Bed and Counting Kisses.

Ones I haven't seen but want to
Like the cool counting books, these are some I saw on Amazon and they just look like I should read and them maybe own them at some point: Butterfly Colors and CountingCan You Count? (by Gyo Fujikawa), and One Red Sun by (Ezra Jack Keats).

Hmmm, kids, that was quite a few!  You know, I could probably go on but I wouldn't want you to get 'board' (hahaha)!

Happy reading, remember your board books! They're the best! 
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PS- If you are absolutely, without a doubt not going for board books, a handful of these are availble in paperback or hardcover.

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