Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mod Podge Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

We actually made an Easter craft at my house!  I'm kind of in shock about it.  Easter is just TOO early this year, TOO DARN EARLY!!!  But, I'm trying to get in the mood... I'm trying.  (Hence the Easter craft.)
I found this cool package of paper mache eggs at Michaels.  I got a terrific idea that we'd Mod Podge tissue paper to the eggs and the kids would have a fantastic time.  It was fun... and a huge mess. And very sticky.  And there are small squares of tissue paper all over my house.  Dying eggs is much less of a mess.  (We'll certainly dye eggs too... probably not til Sunday though, maybe Saturday.) ANYWAY... I want to make mention that I bought the washable kid friendly Mod Podge this time.  I kind of thought all Mod Podge is washable... but maybe it isn't.  Anyway... this really did clean up well after all the craziness.

There you have it.  Now I believe the kids are making up elaborate games about the types of birds that lay these types of eggs.  In fact I think they are making birds... but they are on their own... cause I'm pooped.
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