Monday, March 18, 2013

Meeting Brandon Mull

Check it out!!!  

I got to meet Brandon Mull last week at a book signing!  Ok, if you don't know, here's the scoop... He's an awesome and amazing YA fantasy book writer.  I've read all of his stuff.  Including the Fablehaven Series,  Beyonders: A World Without Heroes ,  Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion and The Candy Shop War .  He's also written a really cool children's book called Pingo (looks like there is second one too) .  His latest books (both just released) are Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy and The Candy Shop War, Book 2: Arcade Catastrophe .

Here's what I learned at the book signing.

1:  My husband and kids all agree I'm a super big nerd (I think I actually already knew that).

2:  After standing in line for two hours I really really wish Whitney lived close by me and we could go to things like this together.  I got pretty board and tired.

3:  Brandon Mull is writing a new Fablehaven series!!!  Another five books (these ones are going to focus on dragons) and the first will come out in 2015.

4:  He treats writing like a real job.  He said he tries to write everyday from 9-5... that's impressive!

5:  He's cool with getting his picture taken with a crazy lady who loves his writing even though it's usually kids who ask to get their pictures with him... well, that's me speculating, but he was really nice about it.  

6:  I don't know if I learned anything else... but he was super nice!

So if you haven't read any of his stuff, I think you should.  Cause it's awesome!  I'll review the new Beyonders book after I've read it... I'm thinking I want to reread the first two though.  That's how much I loved them.
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