Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let's call them "Cool" books...

Where is the weirdest place you've left a library book?  Are you the kind of person who loses stuff?

I am. Chronic loser of stuff here. It would not be an exaggeration to say that at least once a week I cannot find my driver's license and/or credit card.  Not good.

So, this week I'd been planning to post about some library books and I could not find them anywhere. Anywhere! I scoured every bag, box, tote, and pile of stuff that had come from the car to the house.

I looked in every corner, under beds, on bookshelves (where library books should not be--too easy to mix them up with personal books that way) in the car, in my husband's car (because sometimes I forget which car I drove when I went to the library, sad I know.)

And nothing, no books.  I even checked my library account online to make sure that I hadn't imagined checking them out or something. I hadn't.

Then one day I'm going out to the garage to get rid of a diaper and I see the cooler. BAM! It all comes back to me. The day I went to the library I had the cooler in the car...the library books were in the cooler.

Naturally, they should be chilled at all times shouldn't they?

Please tell me stuff like this happens to you!  If it doesn't, can you humor me and make something up?

Oh, and tomorrow I'll actually tell you about the books...assuming I don't lose them again.

Wish me luck!
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